Wow, wow, wow!Fun and interesting acrylic rocking standee processes!

Laser or CNC? Pay attention to these small details with the acrylic rocking standee!

The acrylic rocking standee is a polarizing product, with each particle requiring individual film removal. Laser cutting has a strong odor, while CNC cutting results in wider edges.I’ve sorted them out for you in this issue, which was quite a challenge. Here are some plywood structure options:

1.Magnetic Attraction: Embed magnets in each layer of the cover for attachment. Disadvantage: Magnets can come loose, rating: Not recommend.

2.Mortise and tenon: Carve grooves in acrylic, insert small parts. Disadvantage: Small pieces easily lost, rating:Not recommend.

3.Top and Bottom Clamps: Make acrylic protrusions, secure using top and bottom clamps. Disadvantage: Needs careful handling, causing discomfort, rating: Not recommend.

Today, I’m going to introduce several combined process options with their respective pros and cons:

1.Coating Printing + Laser Cutting

This method produces a foul odor, and the laser can introduce errors, resulting in issues where the base may fit either too loosely or too tightly, leading to irregularities. There may also be edge Cracks and the film may yellow!

2.White Core + CNC

The print accuracy is relatively low, and when combined with CNC processing, some friends may find it challenging to raise the unit price, resulting in a lack of quality.

3. White Core + Laser

This is the standard version, chosen for its cost-effectiveness, but the quality is just average, and it’s prone to losing particles.

4. Coating Printing + Dual-path CNC

For those who pay attention to details, this method involves cutting the small particles and then manually reassembling them. After that, apply a film on the back and stick them together!”



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