Custom Acrylic keychain

“Experience excellence with vibrant designs, flexible orders, smooth touch, and versatile selection in our acrylic keychain collection. Shop now!”



10cm, 5cm


红色, 绿色


Encapsulation UV printing,with doublbe side




Default Silver five-pointed star as pic, Contact us if you need other shape


Product Details:


Product details:

Stand out with vibrant UV encapsulated prints that make each design unique and lively.

  1. Exquisite Designs” – Welcome to explore our acrylic keychain collection! Stand out with vibrant UV encapsulated prints that make each design unique and lively.
  2. “Flexible Ordering” – Enjoy the flexibility of ordering small quantities without the need for large stockpiles, thanks to our low MOQ. We boast a swift production process, ensuring your orders are promptly delivered.
  3. “Comfortable Touch” – Our keychain’s edges are meticulously polished for a smooth touch, preventing any scratches on your skin or clothing for a comfortable experience.
  4. “Versatile Selection” – Choose from a diverse range of styles and designs to suit your preferences or promotional needs. Perfect for personal keepsakes, thoughtful gifts, or corporate giveaways.

Discover the brilliance of our acrylic keychains – vibrant colors, low MOQs, fast delivery, and user-friendly design. Don’t forget to specify “edge polishing” in the order notes for that extra touch of perfection. Shop now and be inspired!

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