How to Choose Printing, Cutting, and assemble method?

Discover the world of acrylic craftsmanship in our Compendium. Learn about printing, cutting, and assembly techniques. Choose the right methods for your creative projects.


In the production of acrylic products, printing is a critical step that directly impacts the quality of the final product. Here are some different types of acrylic printing techniques and their pros and cons:

*UV Printing (CMYK)**

– Pros:

1. No minimum order requirement, suitable for small runs.

2. Relatively affordable, ideal for budget-conscious clients.

– Cons:

1. Relatively lower quality perception.

2. Printing on acrylic may exhibit relief texture, lack clarity, display dot patterns, and have blurry edges.

*Screen Printing**

– Pros:

1. Achieves a seamless, smooth feel that does not fade when touched.

2. Printing can be dot-free.

– Cons:

1. Economically viable for orders of 1000 units or more.

2. Relatively higher costs and longer lead times.


The method of cutting acrylic also has a significant impact on the quality of the final product. Here are two common cutting techniques and their characteristics:

*Laser Cutting**

– Pros:

1. Ideal for small-scale customization.

2. Relatively cost-effective, suitable for budget-conscious clients.

– Cons:

1. Lower-quality finish on the side edges.

2. Products such as display boards may have tolerance issues, and laser cutting may produce fumes and result in wavy edges.

*CNC Cutting**

– Pros:

1. Achieves smooth side edges, with chamfers that do not feel rough.

2. Precision without tolerances for products such as display boards.

– Cons:

1. Higher costs and longer lead times.

2. Base versions may exhibit frosted glass-like haziness.


– Epoxy resin: Seals acrylic, protects printing, enhances texture.

– Hot Stamping: Enhances acrylic texture.

– Shinning film: Applies glossy film for a sparkling effect, improving texture.

– Shinning Acrylic: Adds bright powder during acrylic molding for a sparkling finish.


The choice of acrylic craftsmanship plays a significant role in both the Choose acrylic techniques wisely. UV for small runs, screen for large. Laser suits customization, CNC for quality. Balance price, quality, and time for ideal results. Assemble with epoxy resin, hot stamping, glossy film, or bright powder. Use our Compendium as a reference to make informed choices. Explore acrylic craftsmanship!



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